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How does it work?

01.   Send a written request. After that we kindly ask you to be patient, at least until February 2016
02.   If we are able to meet your request, we will send you an offer with an activation code. Use this activation code to log in under reservation/activation.
03.   Here, you will be able to view the food available, request your tickets to be delivered to you and enter an alternative invoice address.
04.   Your reservation only becomes active once you submit the data entered at the bottom of the page.
05.   Our system will then issue you with a confirmation of your order. We will send you a reservation confirmation within four weeks.
An invoice for your reservation will be sent out from June. Once you have paid this invoice, your reservation will become binding.

Reservation times

  Mo - Th Fr / Sa
Su / 10.03.
Hall noon 12:00-15:30 11:00-14:30
evening 16:00-22:30 15:00-22:30
Hall/Box noon 12:00-15:30 11:00-15:00
evening 16:00-22:30 15:30-22:30
Box 1 noon 12:00-16:00 11:00-16:00
evening 16:30-22:30 16:30-22:30
Balcony noon 12:00-15:45 11:00-16:15
evening 16:30-22:30 17:00-22:30
Box 2 &
noon 11:00-14:30 11:00-14:30
afternoon 15:15-18:15 15:15-18:15
evening 19:00-22:30 19:00-22:30